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My Other Brother (MOB) provides holistic wrap-around support services to African American male students through belonging and community by fostering student leadership, scholarship, post secondary education, and personal growth. My Other Sister (MOS), which was created as a pilot program within My Other Brother in 2022, provides holistic wrap-around support services to African American female students through belonging and community by fostering student leadership, scholarship, post secondary education, and personal growth.

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MOB and MOS Programming 

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Scholarship Academy

Youth partake in Black Emancipatory Action Research (Akom, 2011) opportunities in which they collect data on problems, issues, and strengths observed and experienced in their communities to have a positive impact in their communities.

College and Career Exposure

Youth receive individualized "education plans" and caseload management. Through collaboration with school-site college/future centers, youth attend college field trips and receive admissions support. They also attend resume writing and reviewing workshops, and career exposure/trade school research and support.

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 Culturally Grounded Mentorship and Professional Development

Youth are given paid peer mentoring positions and participate in leadership presentations to gain professional development opportunities in preparation for the real world.


 Youth participate in weekly group sessions emphasizing intergroup dialogue, professional guest presenters and workshops, and student lead presentations and activities to enhance youth leadership development.


Since 2021


MOB and MOS students graduated from high school and are currently enrolled in 4-year college, 2-year college, trade/apprenticeship programs or working full time professionals.


schools served across the Bay Area.

300 +

students enrolled in
the MOB and MOS program. 


Student Narratives

Hi, my name is Jaymes Evans. I am in the 11th grade. What MOB and MOS mean to me is we can come together, celebrate our culture, support one another, and make a difference. It’s about creating a space where we feel understood, valued, and empowered. It’s a community supporting one another; my other brother's community also serves as a platform for advocacy, social change, and empowerment. It’s a space where we can address systemic issues, promote equality, and amplify our voices. It’s about building networks, fostering leadership, and creating opportunities for success. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a brighter future. But it’s more than just this; it’s also about love, family, structure, solidarity/unity, leadership, college preparation, professional development, peer mentoring, black cultural validation, and life preparation. 

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 Hi, my name is Jahliah.  I am a 10th grader at Castlemont High School. And I am appreciative to be given this opportunity by our MOB and MOS Director, “Dr. ish." What M.O.B. and MOS mean to me is brotherhood and sisterhood, a connection between us young youth coming together for our culture where our opinions are very valid, being able to be your own self in being each other's support system. Next, sometimes challenges are thrown our way, but us making a difference has a great impact on our community. MOS is a very safe, impacted place where we advocate for each other, have leadership, and also get to establish relationships with different people in our environment while growing with each other. Inside Mob & MOS, we discuss the real things that are going on outside of the real world, such as our mental health, politics, and racism, and how we can make a change to make the world much better. Next, it is a place where we create loyalty, value, respect, and boundaries.


2023-2024 Partnerships 

MOB and MOS is proud to partner with Oakland Unified School District, Mount Diablo Unified School District, and independent entities. 

Castlemont High School

West Oakland Middle School

Saint Vincent’s Day Home

Riverview Middle School

Wren Avenue Elementary 

Olympic High School


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