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MOB Programming 


Scholarship Academy 

MOB and MOS youth partake in Black Emancipatory Action Research (Akom, 2011) opportunities in which they collect data on problems, issues, and strengths observed and experienced in their communities to have a positive impact in their communities. Youth  take the lead in the data collection process and work with staff on data transcriptions and making meaning of salient themes and concepts pulled from the data.  After the data evaluation process, students create solutions and practical action plans based on the data to implement in their communities to produce positive outcomes.  MOB and MOS  youth receive paid opportunities to present  their research in group presentations during the MOB and MOS Youth Symposiums in front of peers, staff, school, community site teachers, administration, and family and community members.​ Moreover, MOB and MOS youth receive credit as researchers, benefit from working with each other in groups/team building, and increase leadership and professional development.


College and Career Exposure

MOB and MOS provide the following activities for high school students:

A-G requirement based academic advising

Individualized "education plans" and caseload management 

College admission support

Resume writing and review workshops 

Career and trade school research and support



Culturally Grounded Mentorship and Professional Development

MOB and MOS youth receive paid youth peer mentoring positions and participate in leadership presentations to gain professional development opportunities in preparation for the real world.

My Other Sister 

Due to a lack of support services for inner-city Black female youth, MOB created the  My Other Sister (MOS) Black female sister program In support of Black female success to establish love, support, leadership development, and solidarity with Black female peers. MOS outreach mentors work with MOS students to help youth build solid foundations for success in their current school and preparation for college, career, and life. 

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