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About MOB and MOS

My Other Brother (MOB) was founded by Dr. Ishman Anderson (3rd from left) in 2016. MOB was founded in response to educational classism, Black on Black internal deficits, and anti urban Blackness in schools, communities, and larger systems.

MOB focuses on Black American males. The organization and activities are open to Black American females and underrepresented populations in general. 

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MOB created the My Other Sister (MOS) Black female sister program in support of Black female success and aspirations with the goal of also establishing love, support, and solidarity between Black males and females. MOB/MOS outreach mentors are prepared and placed in the K-12 school to help youth build solid foundations for success in their current school and preparation for college, career and life.

MOB and MOS programming addresses:




Engage Black males and females as high potential and high promise 
Framing Black male and female success through an Eurocentric lens 
Build community 
cultural wealth 
School to prison pipeline 
Provide holistic mentorship  and leadership engagement  

MOB and MOS Outcomes 


increased youth leadership and community-based youth participatory action research that focus on resistance against anti- Blackness and community ethnographic research


increased literacy and critical thinking programming for K-12 Black youth from low-income families/communities

College Access

 increased college accesses programming for inner-city youth in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and the larger Bay Area communities/school districts in general

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