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William Ochoa

Will Ramos-Ochoa is a community-engaged scholar who grew up in East Oakland.  He is a Doctoral Candidate in the Educational Leadership program at Mills College.  His research focuses on the racial identity development of young men of color, seeking to understand how creating culturally affirming counter spaces plays a role in the transition from high school to community college for young men of color. 

He currently works as the Program Director for the Gateway to College program at LaneyCollege, where he supports students who are “At Promise" and are behind in graduating with their high school diploma. 

Like his students, Will attended (OUSD) schools and is a non-traditional student who never attended a high school institution. Instead, he received a G.E.D. right after turning 18 years old. He co-founded Gang of Brothers - Hermandad, a community-oriented brotherhood focused on collectively supporting one another throughout their life experiences.

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